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8- 9-Grain Hearty Wheat Bread. Subway's 9-grain wheat is a healthier version of Italian bread. It has a darker colour, it's more firm, and not as soft to the palate. This bread is a great choice if you're watching your calories and carbs. But even if this is a healthy bread, it still has some taste of slight sweetness due to the wheat.

Are you daring enough to try any of them ? Updated by Lauren Feather, November 12, 2021: Subway and its brilliant ( and weird ) creations and combos are getting flush more.

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Best subway sandwich What do you think is the best subway sandwich 10 17 17 comments Best Add a Comment DJFromSubway • 2 yr. ago BMT! Add bacon. Herb + Cheese bread Magnificentlycrazy • 2 yr. ago Yes!! I love the BMTs!! ReformedPony • 2 yr. ago BIG BEEF MELT AND SUBWAY MELT No-Ad-322 • 2 yr. ago This sandwich isn't available in my country lol.

Subway, which opened in 1965 with one store in Connecticut as a way for Fred DeLuca to pay his way to a medical degree, has grown to a chain with more than 34,000 stores around the country.

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